How to Plan Your Dream Vacation on a Budget

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Want to Visit Locations From The Tourist?

Your last vacation was a decade ago. Since that, the farthest place you have ever gone to for vacation is the local beach two hours away from where you live. Whenever you see people travel to exotic places, you thought to yourself, how could they afford it? You could barely pay for the plane tickets to return home last Thanksgiving. Every time you see pictures on Instagram showing beautiful vacation spots, you always said, someday, when I’m rich, I will take my dream vacations just like these people.

Priceline Car Rental Coupons Make Vacationing Affordable For the Rest of Us:

budget rental car couponsThis is where you are wrong. You don’t have to be rich to be able to afford an ultimate dream vacation. Many people with less money than you have traveled the world on a tight budget and survived! All you have to do is to plan ahead, do more research on the vacation spot you have always dreamed of, and apply various strategies to save money on your travel:

Thanks to some Priceline car rental promo codes we found at, you can get 40% off flights, hotels and more if you shop around (and most importantly, are patient enough to wait for the perfect deal).


So where is your dream vacation spot? You want to materialize the scenes from your beloved actor, Angelina Jolie and visit the scenic locations from her 2010 movie with Johnny Depp, The Tourist? From Paris to Venice, you want to hop on that train to Venice, as well as enjoying an afternoon gondola ride while enjoying the beautiful sight of St. Mark Cathedral. You can do all of that by applying these simple strategies to stay on budget.

Save on Travel Gadgets (like Action Cameras)

Aside from saving your pennies daily for your next vacation, you have to plan ahead to give you time to explore your travel options. If you know when exactly you can take leaves from work and for how long, then you can start browsing on those flight tickets to Paris. Usually, the biggest spend on the travel is on the flights and accommodations. But nowadays, there are many ways where you can slash the costs.

Travel gear like cameras can get expensive. You can just use the camera on your smartphone, or, if you insist on having a GoPro or other action camera, you can shop and find a great deal on a site like

Credit Cards Can Help Too!

Check with your credit card providers, see if you can redeem your credit card points to save few hundreds of dollars off your plane tickets or hotels. And once you know that you can use your points for flights or car rental, and accommodation, start using that credit card more often so you can use the points for your next holiday destination. Smart, huh?

Search For Travel Coupons Online (From Wherever You Are…)

Another way to cut some cost of your vacations is to look for some travel coupons online. There are tons of websites offering travel coupons for plane tickets, accommodations, vacation spots and even guided tours to destinations all over the world. You might find a $50 travel coupon for the train ticket from Paris to Venice in one of those sites.

However, these coupons usually offered in limited numbers and once it’s gone, you have to wait for few months to see the offer again. To make sure you got the best travel coupon deals, you have to be diligent and know exactly what you want to do on your holiday.

So now you know taking a dream vacation is not a wishful thinking anymore. Call your credit card providers and go online to start hunting for those travel coupons. The options are limitless, even when you are on a tight budget. Enjoy your vacation!