the tourist movie 2010

Purchase Options For The Tourist:

Want to watch The Tourist but aren’t sure how to watch it? We’ll go through several options for you to watch the film as rapidly as possible: whether online or through purchasing a copy.

Online Streaming Options:

iTunes (Apple)

View The Movie Here.

You can rent or buy The Tourist through iTunes and starting watching within minutes. If you have an Apple ID already set up then you can click purchase and start watching it right now.
If you don’t have an Apple ID, then you can set one up very quickly. Keep in mind that you will need a valid credit card in order to make purchases on your account.
The Tourist is best viewed on a large television. If you have an Apple TV, then you can purchase the movie from the comfort of your living room and start watching right away. If you don’t, then you can watch it on any Apple-enabled device: an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and your computer.


View the Movie Here.
Like iTunes, you can rent or purchase the movie from Vudu instantly. You can also choose between standard definition (SD) and high-definition (HD). If you have a bandwidth-cap from your Internet Service Provider, then this could save you from burning through it too quickly.
Vudu also requires an account with a valid credit card in order to rent or purchase films.

Amazon Instant Video

View the Movie Here.
If you have an Amazon account (and nearly everyone does!) you can rent or stream The Tourist instantly. If you an Amazon Prime account you will also get other special offers. If you choose to rent The Tourist, you have a 30 day rental period to enjoy the film. Keep in mind though, that once you start watching the film, you only have 48 hours to complete it before the rental period expires.


View the Movie Here.
You can watch the movie online using YouTube’s new pay service. The rental price is comparable to the other streaming services mentioned above.

Sites That Don’t Have The Tourist:

The following sites currently are not streaming The Tourist: Netflix, Hulu, Redbox.

How To Purchase a DVD or Bluray:

You can purchase a DVD or Bluray via Amazon.com or Best Buy. Both of those websites (as well as Best Buy’s stores) will have The Tourist available to you within a couple of days. That way you can build a collection of movies you have seen and you can enjoy them anytime you wish!

Watch The Trailer Below: